Versini Hardwood Floors

Versini Hardwood Floors is a subsidiary of Fine Furniture Ltd. They provide a wide variety of carefully crafted engineered wood flooring, and are highly regarded as an industry icon.

Versini Hardwood Floors


Fine Furniture Ltd, the parent company of Versini, pays a lot of attention to quality and this is a trait that Versini has adopted. The company produces a wide range of wood flooring types to suit all types of customers. They are also one of the few companies out there that have veteran artisans working for them, which is partly the reason why they have so much quality to offer.

The company owns a massive 2.5 million square foot manufacturing facility located in Shanghai. This is testament to the fact that it is one of the largest hardwood floor manufacturers in the world, something that only a select few can boast about. Despite the fact that the company produces flooring materials in large volumes, they still keep an eye on the little details, and this is why their products are favorites among people who are interested in getting value for money.

Versini is also well known for being environmentally friendly, though they handle massive amounts of wood every year. They achieve this by only using wood from renewable sources, and also recycling wherever they can.

Reasons to choose Versini

In addition to the fact that the company uses environmentally sustainable sources of wood, it is also a good idea to choose them on account of the fact that they have such a wide variety of products on offer. They use both exotic and domestic species, and come up with a wide variety of design ideas such as wide plank and traditional strip designs. They also focus on hand crafting which results in designs that are very unique.

Versini also offers collections with all kinds of decorative patterns, acrylic-infused hardwood flooring and hand inlaid borders. Basically, they have a product available for all kinds of tastes. One thing that is assured is that whatever product one chooses from their collection, they can be assured that it will be of the highest quality possible.

Popular products from Versini

Some of the most popular products by Versini include:

Foundation Flooring stocks all of Versini's popular products and more. Visit our inventory to view some of the tasteful Italian-styled wood flooring options, all of which are offered at affordable rates.

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