UA Floors

Ua Floors is an American flooring company specializing in providing quality wood flooring. Their service delivery places an emphasis on timely installation as well as the use of the highest quality materials for floor installation. Having been around since 1992, they have accumulated tons of experience in floor manufacturing and installation that makes them the king of the hill as far as this is concerned.

UA Floors


Ua Floors is one of the country's leading floor manufacturers and installers. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry which makes them an authority in the field. Ua Floors specializes in the manufacture of precision milled flooring, guaranteeing quality and aesthetic appeal in the products that they manufacture. Over the time that they have been in operation, they have continually expanded from a small floor installation company in 1992 to a company that has its own engineering flooring company today.

Though the company is definitely a lot larger than it used to be in the past, they still retain a personal touch with their clients in a bid to provide quality, customized flooring services.

Reasons to choose Ua Floors

The company has a number of qualities that makes it the obvious choice for anyone looking for high quality and dependable flooring. Some of these include:

Popular products from Ua Floors

Ua Floors has a wide range of products on offer, so any client needing a wood floor can approach them for service. Some of the most popular products they have on offer include oak, maple ash and walnut floors. They also have darker flooring made of Heart Pine, Sapele, Doussie and numerous other types.

Foundation Flooring carries all the popular products under Ua Floors. If you have any questions regarding their products or simply want to learn more about them, please contact us.

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