Robbins From Armstrong

When two great brands that stand for quality and timeless style decide to work together, you can be certain the results will greatly surpass your expectations. The hardwood floorings manufactured by Armstrong and Robbins are truly a match made in heaven.

Robbins From Armstrong


The history of the Armstrong Corporation goes back to 1860 when a small two-man cork cutting shop emerged in Pittsburgh. In spite of the fact that back then the United States was in full Civil War, while businesses was confronted with an unforgiving marketplace and a couple of financial panics, Thomas Armstrong managed to gather a handful of dedicated employees with whom he made sure his business survived and flourished. At the turn of the century, when cork was being replaced all over the nation, Armstrong's ingenuity saved the company again. It didn't take long before he found new uses for cork, such as insulating corkboard and brick.

What truly propelled the company to the top was Armstrong's investment in linoleum for which he built a bigger factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As linoleum led to vinyl and cork to fiberboard and ceiling board, the company managed to keep up with the innovations in the flooring industry and slowly but certainly became the successful corporation we know today. Nowadays, Armstrong is a global leader of floors and ceiling design and manufacturing, counting 34 operating plants and almost 9,000 employees in eight countries.

Reasons to choose Robbins From Armstrong

An exceptional combination of fresh design elements added to the resilient and durable floors, the products carrying the signatures of Robbins and Armstrong constitute a perfect blend. Inspiring ageless beauty and a matchless style, the hardwood flooring can transform any house into a warm and welcoming home.

Popular products from Robbins From Armstrong

The hand-sculpted collection of solid and engineered hardwood is a unique flooring solution worth checking out, especially if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind floor for your home. As each plank is sculpted individually, you will benefit from a truly inimitable and exceptional hardwood floor.

A further noteworthy collection signed by Robbins and Armstrong is the Artesian Classic, a striking engineered hardwood flooring solution ideal for the modern home. The perfect mix between old and new, the Artesian Classic's luxurious appearances comes from the Robbins patented color wash staining, which accents the beautiful graining, color and texture of the wood.

Foundation Floors is happy to carry the Robbins hardwood products as well as other residential and commercial flooring solutions manufactured by Armstrong. For more information on the Armstrong and Robbins brands or a particular product, don't hesitate to contact us.

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