Nuvelle is a recognized name in the flooring industry as far as hardwood floors are concerned. This brand has been synonymous with quality and aesthetic appeal, and they offer a huge collection of wood flooring solutions in different designs and technical specifications. The makers of the Nuvelle brand of hardwood flooring always optimize their operations over time to ensure that their flooring solutions keep getting better when it comes to quality and longevity.



Suncrest Supply, the company that distributes the Nuvelle range of flooring products, was started in 1986 as a Formica distributor. The company was purchased by Jerry Burtt nine years later, and for the next five years was restructured to become one of the largest Formica distributors in the country. Over time, they have also become one of the best flooring distributors in the country as well.

Customers who have purchased Nuvelle have contributed positive reviews which helped the company build a solid track record. It is no wonder that Nuvelle is considered at the forefront of their competition!

Reasons to choose Nuvelle

There are a number of compelling reasons why you should consider buying Nuvelle flooring products, including:

Popular products from Nuvelle

Some of the popular products made by Nuvelle include Red Oak Golden Oat, Red Oak Natural as well as Hickory Natural flooring. These are popular on account of the fact that they give the home a warm, comfortable feel besides being really durable.

Foundation Floors is proud to carry the Nuvelle products. If you are interested in these products from Nuvelle, feel free to browse our inventory at Foundation Flooring. We stock all these products and more at affordable prices. Contact us today if you wish to receive more detailed information on our Nuvelle flooring offerings.

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