LW Flooring

If you are searching for an eco friendly flooring solution but cannot afford to spend too much on it, then it is time to learn more about LW Flooring!

LW Flooring


LW Flooring is a wood flooring manufacturer located in Gainsville, Florida. While it may not have the same international success as companies like Kahrs or Lauzon, the truth is that they have a wide selection of hardwood, laminate and bamboo flooring worth checking out. Holding multiple manufacturing facilities in China, the company has invested millions of dollars in acquiring the latest technology, equipment and world class engineers to produce premium quality flooring solutions.

You can check out their wide variety as well as the quality of the floors at their warehouses in Coppell, Texas or Jacksonville, Florida. Rest assured, you'll be surprised by the numerous styles, wood, graining and other options available there.

Reasons to choose LW Flooring

There are several reasons why you should give the LW flooring products a second thought, including:

Popular products from LW Flooring

LW Flooring offers five extensive flooring collections, namely:

Foundation Floors holds an impressive assortment of wood floor products carrying the LW Flooring name, for which we offer you the best deals on the market. If you want to learn more about LW Flooring or their products, don't hesitate to contact us.

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