IndusParquet is the worldwide leader in exotic hardwood products on five continents. Renowned for the incredible craftsmanship, the manufacturer has created true masterpieces for some of the most respected settings in the world, including the Ferrari showrooms in Italy, the Vatican palace and the Louis Vuitton stores.


Founded over four decades ago, IndusParquet started off as a small family business in the city of Tiete, Sao Paolo, Brazil. The founders were Jose Antonio Baggio and Kiko Uliana, two skilled young men who discovered their passion for woodworking while working in the family sawmill. The amazing hardwood floors created during weekdays has soon earned them the recognition of the community and placed the cornerstone for IndusParquet.

Their passion for hardwood floors has been passed on from generation to generation, as the world's leading exotic hardwood flooring solution is still a family owned and managed organization. Moreover, the company is proud to have many of the original employees hired in the 1970s among its staff. Even though the company has improved their practices and now uses the latest technologies in the industry, IndusParquet stays true to its heritage and legacy.

Reasons to choose IndusParquet

The exotic hardwood floors manufactured by IndusParquet are among the top picks of customers concerned with environmental practices. Considering that the organization's headquarters are located near the Amazonian Rainforest, the importance of planned harvesting and waste control cannot be stressed enough. If you strongly believe in doing your part to help the environment, then by choosing the IndusParquet hardwood products you can be sure that:

Popular products from IndusParquet

Perhaps the most popular collections from this manufacturer include:

Foundation Flooring is proud to be among the distributors of IndusParquet, a reputable hardwood company that manages to deliver outstanding flooring products while still doing its part for the environment. You can check out the various IndusParquet floors in our inventory and see for yourself. Remember, you can always contact us for additional information!

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