DuChateau Floors

As a world class brand, the DuChateau line of products has come to be known as one of the best wooden flooring companies in the industry. The company specializes in the production and marketing of oil wood floors.


DuChateau has been featured in many well known media outlets and publications, as well as winning awards in their niche. In both 2012 and 2013, this company has made it into the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies and it is definitely no wonder to see their name on this year's list as well.

DuChateau Floors

Products from this flooring manufacturer are very popular because their products are designed by master craftsmen, resulting in very high quality work and often praised for their old world European charm. Most of the wooden floors created by the company is textured, and enhances the look and feel of the grain pattern in the wood to make it more artistic.

Reasons to choose DuChateau Floors

Some of the important reasons why you should select DuChateau Floors for your hardwood flooring needs include:

Popular products from DuChateau Floors

DuChateau Floors provides a huge range of flooring collections to suit most tastes. Their most popular products include:

  • The Heritage Timber Collection
  • The Terra Collection
  • The Fine Swan Collection
  • The Vintage Remains Collection

The Vintage Remains Collection is highly sought after with offerings such as Burnt Rafter, Smoked Mantle as well as Iron Rust and Salvaged Terra floor types. These are all guaranteed to make any floor design stand out!

If you are interested in high quality flooring that is both artistic and practical, you should consider getting DuChateau Floors products. Foundation Flooring has a wide range of products available from their inventory, all of which is reasonably priced and comes with genuine quality.

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