Foundation Flooring offers a large selection of quality countertops from M S International and Bedrosians. Browse through our online assortment of granite, quartz, marble, and limestone countertops. You can also come to our showroom and speak to our friendly staff to preview our styles and see which stone countertop is best for your home.

Pros of Natural Stone Countertops

Regardless which type of stone countertops you prefer, natural stone countertops are the most embraced option by countless homeowners because:

Cons of Natural Stone Countertops

Even though they are highly coveted in many American homes, these countertops do have a few setbacks, including:

What is a Countertop?

A countertop, sometimes also referred to as a work bench or benchtop, is simply a horizontal work surface that is commonly installed in the kitchen, bathroom or the workroom. The lower part beneath the top surface can possibly feature storage space that act as a cabinet. It usually comes at an ergonomic height to facilitate the task that a user is doing, for example, preparing food ingredients for cooking at a kitchen countertop.

Common Stone Types Used for Countertops

Natural stone is arguably the most popular material option for countertops. Here's a look at the most commonly used type of stones:

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Soapstone
  • Slate

How to Choose Natural Stone Countertops

We use M S International and Bedrosians as slab suppliers, and we have both samples and actual slabs that you can look at. One of the first things you need to consider is the finish you want for your natural stone countertops. For example, a highly polished finish can be excellent for a bathroom countertop.

You also need to choose the countertop edge option; popular edge profiles include Bevel, Bullnose, Triple Pencil, and more. For new countertop installations (those that are not for kitchen islands), it's common that you have to select a matching backsplash design to go along with the countertop. There are also different cabinet designs that you can choose for your countertops.

Of course, one of the most important factors is that you have to consider the price of the stone against its longevity. Many natural stone countertops can last a lifetime and that's why many savvy homeowners go for them.

Explore the extensive countertop options we have in our inventory at Foundation Flooring,
and let us help you make a worthy investment for your home!

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