Foundation Flooring offers customers top notch Carpets that meet the highest standards of quality and address all types of budgets. Take a moment and read a few important facts about Carpets before you choose one for your needs:

Pros of Carpets

Carpet flooring is by far the most commonly employed and popular flooring solution. Its main advantages include high versatility, smoothness, comfort and affordability. The cushioning layer is the factor that decides the overall quality of the flooring option. Without the adequate padding, you will not be able to enjoy the core benefits of your Carpet, more exactly:

Cons of Carpets

Carpets may present setbacks that include:

The main features of the Carpet

If you are considering Carpets as your future flooring solution, then here are the factors to account for:

  1. Fibers or the materials in their construction
  2. The pile of the Carpet refers to the height of the fiber and is available in three choices:
  3.  The density or the distance between the strands of fiber is what determines the durability of the Carpet; the closer they are, the more resilient the flooring
  4. The texture contributes to the overall appearance and adds to the durability of the Carpet flooring
  5. The weight of the Carpet

There are two considerations involved when assessing the Carpets' mass:

There are two considerations involved when assessing the Carpets' mass:


Fibers can be classified into two main categories, namely natural and synthetic. The top 5 most utilized fiber choices include:

Browse through our selection of Carpets and find the most suitable one for your home today!

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