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Quick Step is a company that specializes in the manufacture of flooring types including laminate, hardwood and their proprietary Livyn flooring.

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The company was started in 1960 by a group of families, and was then known as Unilin. The company was then a flax chipboard manufacturer. However, due to the fact that flax was not very easy to come by, they started using wood instead to manufacture the flooring. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved into one of the largest flooring manufactures in Belgium. They are also known as innovators in the industry, with technologies such as the Uniclic system attributed to them. This allowed the flooring to be installed easily by hand.

Reasons for choosing Quick Step

One of the best reasons for choosing Quick Step is the fact that they have many innovations that make their products very easy to use. For instance, the Uniclic system makes it very easy to assemble flooring without having to use complicated processes and a lot of time. Other reasons why they are so popular include:

Popular products from Quick Step

There are a number of products that are very popular in the market, and these include their Castello and Compacto hardwood collections.

Foundation Flooring is proud to acknowledge that we are a distributor of Quick Step products, and is able to offer you their interesting range of products at very affordable rates. Simply visit our inventory and find what you need.

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