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Queen Carpet is a line of carpets manufactured and sold by Shaw Carpets. It's one of the most innovative products on the market, and has received a lot of media attention in the recent past.

Queen Carpet - Foundation Flooring


One of the problems that many people who own carpets face is the issue of staining. When you pour wine on a white carpet, for instance, it's bound to leave a stain on it for long unless you deal with it quickly.

The carpet, however, has been designed to handle all such issues without much of a hassle. This carpet is designed to with stand all staining due to the fact that it's made using a proprietary stain-repelling material. It is most useful in scenarios where staining is likely to occur, such as in households with kids.

Reasons to choose Queen Carpet

The most compelling reason to choose Queen Carpet is due to its stain repelling properties. Other reasons include:

Popular products from Queen Carpet

Well, judging from the online reviews, it shows that the most popular products made by this trusted company include the Cottonique, Cashmere IV and Enchantress.

If you are interested in any of these or any other carpets made by Queen Carpet, you can shop for them at Foundation Flooring. We are a proud partner of Shaw Carpets, and can provide you these products at reasonable prices.

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