The Hollytex brand is a line under Beaulieu. It is a product line that is especially designed for commercial use such as in small businesses and in shops.

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The Hollytex is especially ideal for use in commercial facilities on account of the fact that it has been made specifically to handle the conditions in such settings. Well, the fact that there is normally a high volume of traffic in areas such as shops means that one would need to use a carpet that is durable. However, it also has to be aesthetically pleasing in order to make the environment look good.

The Hollytex brand has managed to provide this in a market where combining these two elements is very difficult. The Hollytex carpets are designed in such a manner as to be durable and versatile and yet aesthetically pleasing. They can also be used in all manner of facilities including workout rooms and even playrooms.

One of the major benefits of the Hollytex range of products is the fact that buyers can get a wide range of products on offer, making it easy for them to customize the looks in their offices and other premises. In addition to that, the use of technologies such as OmniLoc also make their products a lot more durable, and this means that buyers will need to spend very little on replacement carpeting.

This product line is clearly ahead of its time, and is one of the best products one can get when trying to invest in a carpet product that has the capacity to withstand a lot of trauma.

Reasons to choose Hollytex

Some of the reasons why choosing the Hollytex is such a good idea include:

Popular products from Hollytex

The Hollytex line is a carpet line on its own, and is very popular in commercial circles on account of its durability. Their products that feature the Magic Fresh® odor-reducing treatment as well as the OmniLoc are among the most popular ones.

If you are interested in getting a Hollytex carpet for your office, store or even home, you can contact Foundation Flooring today.

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