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US Floors is an American floor manufacturing and installation firm located in Dalton, Georgia. The company is a leading producer of eco-friendly wood flooring and its popularity has been soaring among people interested in this kind of flooring.

US Floors


US Floors was incorporated in May 2001, and has been expanding ever since. In October of the same year, the company moved to a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Dalton, GA. By 2007, it had acquired a 48,000 square foot distribution center in Dalton, and had also opened a 100,000 square foot floor manufacturing plant in the state. It currently prides itself as the only bamboo and cork flooring manufacturing firm in the United States, which is testament to the fact that it's a company keen on innovation.

Unlike many other wood flooring manufacturing plants, US Floors has taken a keen interest in environmental sustainability in its business, and has put in place a few measures to facilitate this. These include its sourcing policy, which restricts them to only using material from sustainable sources. They also have a strict policy against sourcing of wood from unmanaged or clear cut forests in a bid to ensure that their business does not have a negative impact on the economy. The company is also compliant to the Lacy Act which prohibits importation of illegally harvested wood, and also uses solar energy as a major source of energy in their manufacturing plant.

It is therefore clear that this company seeks to provide the best in terms of quality flooring, but in a sustainable manner and an affordable rate.

Reasons to choose US Floors

Popular products from US Floors

The most popular products from US floors include natural cork and bamboo. The former provides the perfect balance between a soft and hard flooring material, and is also rare. It is therefore the flooring type of choice for people seeking to get a unique floor.

Their bamboo floors have a number of features that no other wooden flooring can provide including the fact that they are strand woven for increased durability, and their excellent hardness (bamboo is a lot tougher than oak).

In addition to the above, they also offer CORtec Plus vinyl flooring and Navarre Oiled floors that many people find appealing.

At Foundation Flooring, we are pleased to be a main distributor of US Floors' products and as we help you craft the perfect flooring for your home or office, you can easily request to use their products during our installation and design services. Contact us for more details.

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