Tarkett Commercial

Tarkett Commercial is a French multinational company and a highly respected name in the sustainable flooring and sports surfaces industries. With over 1.3 million square meters of flooring sold each day, the company stands out with their wide selection of quality solutions that appeal to all senses.

Tarkett Commercial


Although the company's history can be traced back to 1872, the official birth of Tarkett Commercial has been recorded in 1947 with the first vinyl floor covering manufactured by Limhamms. The combined efforts of Joseph Allibert and Francois Sommer managed to unite several companies across two continents and transformed Tarkett into the largest flooring manufacturer in the Nordic countries. The company's long-term commitment to eco-friendly corporate practices and environmental protection as well as their consistent investment in the latest innovations made Tarkett the worldwide leader of flooring and sports surface solutions known today.

Tarkett's dedication to conducting its operations under the social responsibility umbrella has been rewarded at the end of September when the company won the Sustainable Innovation Award of 2013. The prize stands for excellent choice of material, responsible use of materials, reuse and recycling as well as the fact that their products don't affect the indoor quality of the air.

Reasons to choose Tarkett Commercial

Tarkett manufactures a wide variety of flooring solutions carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood, tiles, linoleum that are people and environment friendly as well as durable at the same time. The main characteristics of the Tarkett floors include:

Popular products from Tarkett Commercial

Even though they provide a wide range of products, the company's highest revenues come from the vinyl and linoleum sales. Integrating a sub-layer that ensures sound insulation and a stabilizing film to maintain the tension between the floor and the protective layers, the heterogeneous vinyl floors are by far the most popular products manufactured by Tarkett.

We at Foundation Flooring include a wide selection of heterogeneous vinyl floors, carpets, tracks and many other flooring solutions carrying Tarkett's moniker. Please browse through our collection and feel free to contact us for additional information.

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