LM Flooring

A subsidiary of the famous Fine Furniture Ltd. Corporation, LM Flooring demonstrates the same ambition, passion and attention to details as the parent company. The wide variety, latest technology in the industry and the environment friendly practices quickly propelled the company into the top wood floors manufacturers in North America.

LM Flooring


A relatively young company in the industry, LM Flooring was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of the famous Fine Furniture Ltd., a corporation that would later on earn the moniker of the largest luxury furniture manufacturer in the word. Similar to the parent company, LM Flooring is dedicated to creating state-of-art floors that can satisfy even the most exquisite tastes and preferences. While they pay great attention to details, LM Flooring is also an efficient company considering that they offer over 150 styles of wood flooring.

You will be happy to learn that LM Flooring is also one of the leading manufacturers in the Green Movement. A strong believer in the active responsibility and safeguarding the world's natural resources, the company is known to utilize more materials from renewable and recycled sources than any other manufacturer on the market.

Reasons to choose LM Flooring

LM Flooring is a growing wood flooring manufacturer that managed to earn its place among the best because:

Popular products from LM Flooring

One of the most appreciated wood products from LM Flooring is the River Ranch collection. Made of hickory that has been hand scrapped with semi-rough tools for an authentic rustic look, the River Ranch collection is available in four stain options, mostly in light and medium in color. Featuring a low satin finish that manages to hide all potential scrapes and scratched resulted from the production and installation phase, this is a truly unique flooring style that will add character and sophistication to any room of your home.

You can find the River Ranch collection and numerous other amazing floors carrying the LM Flooring moniker at Foundation Flooring. Please browse through our inventory and kindly contact us for more information.

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