With more than one century of innovations, many of which have changed the face of the wooden modern flooring industry, Kahrs is a name that needs no further presentation. Continuing the legacy left by the founder Johan Kahr the company still tries and succeeds brilliantly to find modern day solution that would make better, more sustainable and stronger floors that are also easy to install.



Kahrs is a Swedish company with over 150 years of experience. Even though it is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world, Kahrs was known back in the day as an innovative wood utility goods crafter. To be more precise, in 1857 the company used to manufacture parts for spinning wheels, while after the First World War Karhs made a name for itself developing wooden toys, doors, furniture and floors. It is necessary to mention that even back in 1919, Gustaf Kahr was very dedicated to discovering new and efficient ways to use raw wood.

His efforts paid off, as the company invented the multi-layered laminated door almost two decades later. Two years later he company received the patent for the invention and in 1941 the company it was accredited the invention of the multilayer engineered hardwood floors, still in use today. Even though Kahrs is currently owned by a large corporation, the company still dedicates time, effort and resources for innovations. In fact, in 2011 they invented the world's first wood floors made from dual FSC and Fairtrade certified wood.

Reasons to choose Kahrs

Several elements make the Kahrs wood flooring products stand out in the crowd, namely:

Popular products from Kahrs

The most popular wood flooring collections produced by Kahrs include:

The aforementioned collections as well as many other Kahrs flooring solutions can be found at Foundation Flooring. Please browse through our stock and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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