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Home Legend is a company that was initially started to sell rugs, but its flooring business became very successful. Today, it is one of the premier hardwood flooring companies, and their laminate flooring lines are particularly appealing to many people.

Home Legend


Home Legend was started in 2007, making it one of the most recent entrants into the market. However, the fact that they are relatively young has not stopped them from scaling the heights of success. Though they were started as a rug company, they started seeing very strong sales in their flooring department, specifically their bamboo, hardwood, cork and laminate flooring. This can be attributed to the combination of low cost and high quality that the company has been able to provide with such product lines.

Unlike most of the other companies in the industry, Home Legend has a research and development department in Kennesaw Georgia, which is responsible for coming up with new innovations that make the company produce very unique products. In addition to that, they also have a large (380,000 square feet) warehouse in Georgia and California. The fact that the company has grown to this level in only 6 years is just testament to the fact that their products are hugely popular, and this can only be attributed to the production of high quality at all times.

Reasons to choose Home Legend

There are many reasons why getting products from Home Legend is considered a good idea for many. In such hard economic times, the fact that the company strives to provide affordability and quality at the same time makes it especially appealing for many. Most people like to buy Home Legend goods on account of the fact that they will spend a lot less compared to buying from the competition.

In addition to that, the company also has a wide range of products on offer, so all tastes are catered for. This is an everything under one roof type of business, and this may also be considered to be the reason why they are so successful as well.

They also innovate a lot; technologies such as Seal Lock used to prolong their products ensure that though customers buy their flooring cheaply, it will still be more durable than the more expensive products that competitors make.

Popular products from Home Legend

The most popular products produced by Home Legend include Laminate, Cork and Bamboo flooring options. They also produce Hardwood and high quality vinyl products as well.

You can easily buy Home Legend products and more from Foundation Flooring, which has most of their products on offer at very affordable rates.

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