Columbia Flooring Originals

Columbia Flooring Originals is known and highly appreciated for their environmental friendly practices. Not only can the eco-friendly practices be easily observed in all of their activities, but the company is also dedicated to finding new and more efficient ways to recycle, recover, reduce resources consumed and renew the wood supply.

Columbia Flooring Originals


Columbia Flooring Originals is a hardwood and laminate flooring manufacturer located in Thomasville, North Carolina. What makes the manufacturer stand out in crowd is their respect for the environmental friendly standards throughout the harvesting and manufacturing processes. In fact, while many flooring companies talk about green practices, Columbia Flooring can validate its claims, especially if you take into account the numerous certification seals the company received from various eco friendly organizations and associations.

As far as the prime materials for the flooring is concern, you should know the wood is Appalachian grown timber obtained from a 65+ acres of forest located in Eastern United States. In case you are curious as to what makes the prime material sustainable, the answer is that each tree harvested for timber is replaced by two or three newly planted ones.

Reasons to choose Columbia Flooring Originals

The laminate and hardwood available at Columbia Flooring Originals incorporate the latest technologies in the field:

Popular product from Columbia Flooring Originals

Columbia Flooring makes it easy for customers to do their part for the environment with outstanding hardwood and laminate exclusive flooring, such as:

  • Striking oak hardwoods
  • Exotic hardwood floors
  • Character hardwood floors
  • Realistic wood and tile floors

Discover the timeless beauty of the Colombia Flooring Originals at Foundation Flooring! We are proud to carry eco friendly flooring solutions and we'll offer you the best deals for them. You can always contact us for more information.

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