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Parkay Laminate is a company that has evolved into one of the most successful companies in the flooring industry in the recent past. They spend a lot of time and effort developing the most cutting edge products as far as laminate wood flooring is concerned. Their main goal is to ensure that all the products they offer are aesthetically pleasing and also long lasting.

Parkay Laminate - Foundation Flooring


As a company, Parkay gives itself the sole mandate of coming up with high quality laminate flooring to ensure that all the products they offer to their clients live up to the highest possible standards. This is courtesy of a number of technologies they use in manufacturing the flooring.

One of the most interesting of the technology used is seen in the manufacturing of scratch resistant floors, which is done through the treatment of the products using aluminum oxide. Customers who buy Parkay Laminate products will enjoy their purchases for many years to come without fail.

Reasons to choose Parkay Laminate

Some of the most compelling reasons why a lot of people would prefer Parkay Laminate flooring over other brands of laminate flooring include:

Popular products from Parkay Laminate

One of the most popular product lines manufactured by the company is the Antique Collection, which includes the 8.3mm Umber and Sienna laminates. These are not only affordable, but also easy to maintain and come in many designs that would suit most applications.

If you are interested in any of the products designed and manufactured by Parkay Laminate, don't hesitate to go through our inventory. Foundation Floors is proud to stock most of the products from Parkay Laminate that you can easily buy at great rates with us.

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