Solistone is a company that specializes in production and distribution of decorative tile, ceramic and stone products.

Solistone - Foundation Flooring


The company has a mission to offer the highest quality and most exquisite products possible. Some of the materials with which they work include river rock mosaics as well as terra cota and marble. They are also very well known for producing high quality hand painted ceramics, which are ideal for use in custom designs.

Reasons to choose Solistone

The main reason why Solistone remains one of the best companies to buy such items from is the fact that they offer such as wide variety of products. Customers who need tile can choose any made of materials such as stone, ceramic and even terra cotta. They also make mosaics using glass, metal stone and even pebbles. The latter are very creative, and are used to decorate many living spaces in addition to commercial properties. Some of the other reasons why this company is considered one of the best in the field include:

Popular products from Solistone

One of the most popular products made by Solistone are their mosaics. These are used for decorative purposes in many buildings around the world, and are often very striking as well. Their tiles also tend to be of very high quality, and are the preferred flooring products used by many people in the country.

If you are interested in buying the products from Solistone, you can visit our Foundation Flooring inventory and see if anything catches your fancy. There is a lot to choose from at very reasonable prices!

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