Alfagres is a company that has been around for over fifty years, and specializes in the manufacturing of wall and floor covering.

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The fact that Alfagres has been around for nearly half a century means that they have had the time to perfect the skill of floor and wall covering manufacturing. This is evident in the quality of the products that they make, which is considered to be a lot better than most of the other products out there. The company boasts a cutting edge ceramic plant in the Colombian coast, as well as a high tech carpet mill which produces their signature carpets. The company aims to be a one stop shop business for all clients in need of high quality flooring goods.

Reasons to choose Alfagres

Some of the reasons why Alfagres is considered an ideal store for flooring needs include:

Popular products from Alfagres

Alfagres produces all types of flooring material including ceramic tiles and carpeting. Their wall coverings and inserts are also very popular especially among people who are interested in getting the most aesthetically appealing interiors.

Foundation Flooring carries most of the products that Alfagres has to offer, all at amazingly low prices. Go through our inventory and you will be able to find all you need in one location!

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