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Foundation Flooring has an extensive list of both porcelain and ceramic tiles to suit every homeowner's interior décor and home style. The tiles in our showroom are available in a wide array of patterns and colors so you won't have a hard time finding the right flooring solution for your home.

Pros of tiles

Tiles constitute a smart choice for American homeowners because of their numerous advantages:

Cons of tiles

Despite the great benefits, tiles also come with a few disadvantages:

What are tiles?

Tiles are an excellent flooring choice for areas of your home regularly exposed to dirt and water. Made from natural minerals and materials, ceramic and porcelain tiles are resilient, easy to clean, available in a plethora of styles and require little maintenance. Cleaning tiles simply implies wiping the debris/spill/dust with a damp cloth.

Porcelain versus ceramic

Homeowners think of porcelain and ceramic as two distinct materials. However, porcelain is just another form of ceramic. The main difference here is that porcelain is made from finer clay dust – feldspar, kaolinitic minerals or quartz – and is fabricated at higher temperatures.

This process makes them more resilient to moisture, deep abrasion, frost and normal wear and tear. These benefits also reflect on porcelain's price. Ceramic tiles are also quite durable and include a high resistance to scratches, flame, slip, stains. They are extremely easy to clean and will not fade if they are exposed to UV rays.

Tile ratings

Even though all tiles look and feel solid, some types are more durable than others. Tiles are rated according to the hardness factor on a five point scale:

Check out Foundation Flooring's porcelain and ceramic tiles collection and find the perfect solution for your home today.

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