Luxury Vinyl

Originally, this material was mainly preferred by homeowners for its quick installation process and simple maintenance. Well, vinyl and particularly the varieties supplied by Foundation Flooring boasts several other advantages as well.

Pros of vinyl flooring

Vinyl brings a plethora of benefits to play:

Cons of vinyl flooring

A few setbacks proprietary to this category of flooring solutions comprise of:

What exactly is vinyl?

Vinyl flooring is essentially a multilayered material. The thickness and the number of layers utilized in the making of the vinyl flooring depend primarily on the manufacturer's practices, the location, the role of the floor and your preferences. However, in most cases, a quality vinyl floor will incorporate the following layers:

Vinyl flooring maintenance

Even though it is simple, properly caring for the vinyl floor should be performed on a regular basis. Utilize a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or dirt particles that accumulate. Buff and absorb liquid or semi solids spills with a clean microfiber cloth as soon as they occur. Lastly, ensure that the waxing or shining product you plan to use is endorsed by the floor's manufacturer beforehand.

At Foundation Floors we have quite a few categories of vinyl in our inventory, so don't hesitate to check them out!

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