Using Tiles For A Small Bathroom

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Although the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, it is one of the most crucial to get your design right, especially when it comes to the flooring. The floor can be tiled in a manner that provides maximum space while providing a look and feel that you will enjoy. There are a number of approaches you can use to give your bathroom additional space, from selecting specific tile sizes to placing them in a manner which will alter the perception of the room.

How to Determine Tile Size

The first thing to consider is the tile size. In the past, many flooring experts recommended tile sizes which were smaller for small rooms, but this inevitably leads to grouting lines which ultimately make the room seem cluttered. Larger tiles have the advantage of making a bathroom seem larger, while not requiring slicing and fitting near corners. The reason for this is because larger tiles have fewer grout joints which means the number of lines is substantially lowered. The exception to this is in bathroom floors which have fittings that are closely packed together, or which consist of many corners. In this case smaller tiles work better when they utilize a color grout which is similar.

Selecting Tiles for Tight Spaces

Unified flooring is very popular on many bathroom floors. This is because it gives the floor the illusion of being one large tile, which provides the floor with an elegant look. It also allows the surrounding space to stand out more, which has the effect of making the room seems larger than it actually is. To create this effect you will want to select bigger tiles and combine them with grouting that uses a color that blends in with them. Another trick in the bathroom is to use identical color tiles for the wall and floor respectively, along with the grouting.

Anyone well versed in design knows that vertical stripes can make an object or person look thinner. The reverse is also true; when tile lines are correctly positioned in a bathroom they can make it seem larger because the human eye will follow these lines.

Selecting the Tile Design

The style of the tiles you choose will have a major impact on how the space in the bathroom is perceived. For instance, using a lighter color in the tiles will make the bathroom seem larger. The best colors to select for your tiles are those which use a color that is cool or light, such as white and cream. While it is possible to use darker tiles to make your bathroom seem larger, no more than half the tiles should be dark, and the rest should be lighter.

Another effect that can make your bathroom seem larger is the usage of gloss. The reason for this is because light will bounce from the tiles and throughout the room, amplifying the perception of increased space. The downside to this however is that gloss requires higher maintenance, and must be cleaned frequently as opposed to a material that utilizes a matt finish.

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