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Kährs is attracting lots of attention from the flooring industry due to its creative approach combined with its environmental awareness. They offer many beautiful collections that homeowners can choose from when installing flooring in their homes. Not only do their products last long and look stunning, owning Kährs flooring in your home is a prestigious status on its own.

Stellar Track Record in the Wood Flooring Market

There are a number of things which make this manufacturer stand out from the competition. You can certainly count its track record and innovative spirit to work in their favor. Kährs was first established in Sweden in 1857, which means they have well over a century of experience in designing flooring.

This longevity combined with their constant focus on innovation and improvement has given them a significant edge over the competition, and their flooring products have been installed in both commercial and residential buildings around the globe. Some of the innovations that Kährs has been responsible for include the introduction of a Woodloc joint which is glue-less, as well as boards which use multiple layers.

In 1941, it was Kährs that first introduced a parquet board which was multi-layered, and by 1958, it had developed the world's first floor which was factory lacquered. During the 1960s, it patented a revolutionary type of flooring which was specifically designed for sports, which featured boards which were hammered into a batten system which was highly flexible, allowing it to withstand impacts while being more responsive. The majority of floors used in courts and stadiums today utilize a design which descends from this innovation.

Kährs is Eco-Friendly

While many flooring manufacturers are just now jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, Kährs has embraced this philosophy for years, and in fact, was the very first flooring manufacturer to acquire the now coveted ISO 9001 certification. But the company didn't stop there, and went on to achieve a bunch of other certifications, including the PEFC, EMAS, FSC and Lacey Act compliance. Kährs acquires material from Chile which is dual-labeled, and is the first flooring manufacturer to do so.

An Extensive Selection at Your Disposal

Customers choose Kährs not only due to its operational years, experience, and eco-friendliness, but also due to the wide range of products they offer. The wood flooring materials come in a variety of different designs, colors, thickness and species, giving you an infinite number of possibilities. The six product lines offer by Kährs are Linnea, Avanti, Original, Spirit, Supreme and Activity Floor.

The Activity floor is designed to absorb energy, and is specifically designed for physical fitness and sports, while the Supreme variation emphasizes stylish expression and design. Spirit is inspired by nature, while Original is known for its superb flexibility and quality. The Avanti is a type of flooring which comes in three stripes and features a surface layer which is a bit thin, while the Linnea variation is known for its sophisticated appearance and ease of maintenance.

Those who are looking for the pinnacle of wooden flooring materials should look no further than Kährs. The company's track record, which is more than a century and a half combined with its focus on constant improvement and innovation, is more than what you can ask for in a flooring manufacturer. We carry Kährs products in our inventory so talk to us today and learn about your flooring options.

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