While Mannington is nowadays a top multi-national manufacturer, the business is still family-owned and conducted in alignment with the founders' principles and values.

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Founded in 1915 by John Boston Campbell and his sons, Mannington is a family owned business that operates under the same mission and values set by its founders. Even though it is currently a multinational corporation, Mannington remains true to its core values and is highly appreciated for their excellent customer service and premium quality vinyl floors. What started out as a small vinyl flooring company in Salem, NJ has grown and expanded into one of the top flooring manufacturers in the United States.

The tremendous success registered with their line of products is attributed to the great management of the Campbell family. Mannington took a shot at the commercial flooring market with the acquisition of Burke Industries in 2008. Delivering the same premium quality and devoted to the original values, it doesn't come as a surprise that their flooring products have earned numerous awards for design and style soon after.

Reasons to choose Mannington

By investing in Mannington's flooring products, you will be able to enjoy several benefits including:

Popular products from Mannington

The Adura series from the laminate collection is among the customers' top picks is the innovative. Adura represents the next generation of luxury vinyl and, not surprisingly, it is one of the fastest growing categories of flooring options in the industry. Even though it is designed to replicate the natural beauty of wood and stone, the collection integrates the Scratchresist technology, an aluminum oxide protective finish that addresses the number one issue of vinyl flooring, scratches. The Adura series is available as:

You can find the revolutionary Adura collection as well as many other flooring solutions from Mannington at Foundation Floors. Not only can we offer you great deals on the Mannington products, but we're here to help with any information you need. Contact us if you have any questions.

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