Kronoswiss is a Swiss company which specializes in the manufacture of various wood products such as flooring.

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Kronoswiss is the only manufacture of laminate flooring in the country. They are also a leading supplier to many countries around the world. The company, in addition to laminate flooring, also designs and manufactures decorative wood products for use in various stings such as in kitchens and in interior designs.

Reasons to choose Kronoswiss

The Swiss are known the world over to produce very high quality items and pay a lot of attention to detail. This is something that is reflected in the products manufactured by Kronoswiss. Everything they make is built to meticulous standards, which means that the customers always find them to be of very high quality. Despite this, the company does not charge a lot for their products; they are actually very affordable. This means that buying Kronoswiss is likely to turn out to be very good value for money for most people.

Other reasons why their products are so popular include:

Popular products from Kronoswiss

One of the most popular products from Kronoswiss is their laminate flooring, which comes in nine product groups. They are a very popular choice for people who are interested in getting the most elegance out of such products.

Foundation Flooring is a distributor of Kronoswiss products. Contact us today and find out more on how you can get your hands on Kronoswisss via Foundation Flooring!

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