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We are centrally located in Pompano Beach between I-95, the Florida Turnpike, and the Sawgrass Expressway. Our showroom faces Powerline Road located about a quarter mile north of Sample Road in the Powerline Business Park.

From I-95 get off at Sample Road exit #39 and head west. Make a right on Powerline Road heading north. We are about a quarter mile up the road on the right hand side (east side) in the Powerline Business Park.

From the Florida Turnpike (north or south bound) get off at Sample Road exit #69 and head east. Make a left on Powerline Road heading north. We are about a quarter mile up the road on the right hand side (east side) in the Powerline Business Park.

From the Sawgrass Expressway go all the way to the end (signs point towards SW 10th and I-95). Make a right on Powerline Road heading south. We are about two miles down the road (past Wiles and Green Road) on the left hand side (east side) in the Powerline Business Park.

Foundation Flooring is open from 8 AM until 4 PM Monday thru Friday. We are available by appointment only on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

We will match any competitors price for identical first quality flooring materials. You will have to provide proof of a written estimate. When dealing with online companies we can match pricing on the product but clients will still be responsible for taxes and shipping. Also keep in mind when you buy products online it will void the manufacturers warranty. When purchasing materials from us you will still retain the manufacturers warranty.

Engineered wood products have plys (layers) of real wood that run perpendicular to one another. These perpendicular running plys help slow down the natural expansion and contraction of wood in hot/humid climates. Solid wood is one solid piece of wood, made from one particular species (for example oak, maple, or hickory). It is typically 3/4 of an inch thick but can be as thin as 5/16 of an inch. Solid wood floors can be sanded and refinished a few times by a professional sander and refinisher. Engineered hardwoods provide stronger and more durable surface finishes than solid wood floors. This is because they typically use a combination of both aluminum oxide and polyurethane.

he main difference is that ceramic tile absorbs water at a higher retention rate then porcelain tile. This means that ceramic is more like to crack which is why porcelain is rated for heavy traffic, commercial, and exterior applications. When ceramic tile chips you will see the red clay backing. Many of the porcelain tiles use through body coloring technology where the color goes all the way through the tile.

Engineered Wood, Solid Wood, Laminate, and Bamboo

Maintenance is simple and easy with these types of floors. NO WATER!!! Use a vacuum (no beater bar) or sweep your floors regularly. There are several products on the market that you can apply to your wood floors. Apply in small amounts and use a microfiber pad or Swiffer to clean the floors. Make sure cleaners mentioned are recommended for wood or laminate floors.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Maintenance includes sweeping or vacuuming your tile floors regularly. Mopping with a mild, diluted detergent solution made for cleaning tile should follow this up. Try and avoid ammonia-based cleaners. You should rinse the floors afterwards with warm water.

Natural Stone

Maintenance is best done with warm water and a non-abrasive, clear, non-acidic cleaner.


In order to maintain a beautiful and durable carpet, you must vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. Vacuuming prevents soil, dirt and dust from being permanently embedded in the carpet. Depending on which type of carpet you have, you may need to use a beater bar, rotating brush or suction only in order to not damage the carpet and keep it looking new.


Maintenance is similar to tile floors. Vacuum and sweep regularly. Mop the floors with a mild detergent but don't use excessive water. When it comes to maintenance for any of the above products it is always best to check with the manufacturers requirements for maintenance and up keep to keep your floors looking beautiful.

Engineered Wood

Installation of these products can typically be done as a nail, staple, glue down, or floating floor system. Refer to the specific product warranty for what each manufacturer recommends.

Solid Wood

Typically installation is going to be nailed or stapled to a plywood subfloor. Some manufacturers will allow you to glue down a solid wood floor that is 7/16 or 5/16 thick.


Installation method is a floating floor system. The process involves using an underlayment or pad typically with a moisture barrier. This pad can be laid over concrete, tile, vinyl, or other approved products. The laminate is floated over this pad with an easy lock and go installation method.


Installation is typically done in two methods: thin set and mortar set. Mortar set is necessary for rectified installation methods, larger tiles, and natural stones. Thin set is used for bathrooms, smaller tiles, and larger grout joints. Mortar set is a more expensive installation method then thin set.

Natural Stone

Installation should be done with a mortar set. Natural Stone comes in heavier and thicker pieces then ceramic or porcelain tile. It is also laser cut and typically installed with a 1/16 grout joint.


Stretch-In - This is the most common form of carpet installation in homes nowadays and used for rolls of broadloom carpet. The carpet is trimmed to the room's dimensions and placed on top of a pad. The carpet is attached using tackless strips around the edges of the room.

Glue Down – This technique is best suited for commercial/high traffic areas and indoor/outdoor carpeting. Instead of attaching to the padding, the carpet is simply glued to the subfloor (glue down) or its glued to the padding which is glued to the subfloor (double glue down).


Installation methods depend on the product. There are peel and stick options, straight glue down, or loose lay. Refer to each specific product to see what the manufacturer recommends. When it comes to installation for any of the above products it is always best to check with the manufacturers requirements for installation to ensure your floor last long and looks beautiful.

The most scratch resistant flooring is Tile and Luxury Vinyl. Call us for details.

The best flooring option for pets is Tile, or anything waterproof and scratch resistant like tex-tured (for grip) Luxury Vinyl. Call us for details.

Yes, Tile and Luxury Vinyl is waterproof. Call us for details.

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