Tuftex Carpets

Tuftex Carpets is a company that has specialized in the manufacture and sales of elegant carpeting for most applications including residential and commercial use.

Tuftex Carpets of California - Foundation Flooring


The company is a supplier of Shaw Flooring, which goes to prove that they do know their stuff when it comes to quality flooring. The company specializes in the manufacture of high quality carpeting that has a premium feel to it, and which is meant to last longer than what the competition offers. When combined with the right interior design, their carpets often make a room really stand out in an elegant way.

Reasons to choose Tuftex Carpets

Some of the reasons why Tuftex Carpets is an ideal carpet supplier include:

Popular products from Tuftex Carpets

The most popular products from Tuftex Carpets are their stain resistant line of carpets. These come in all designs and colors, and the fact that they are stain resistant makes them less of a hassle to keep.

Foundation Flooring is a proud to partner with Tuftex Carpets, and we have a wide range of their products on our inventory. Whether you need a stain resistant or regular carpet from Tuftex, you can always find it here at very affordable rates.

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