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Royalty is a carpet milling company that has developed a reputation as a company that produces very high quality products. Their high sales in the recent past are the best testament to this.

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Royalty USA has been operating for over 45 years, and during this time has increased its skill at making high quality carpeting for all types of clients. It is currently one of the largest private carpet manufacturing firm in the country, and is expected to grow even more in the coming future. The company has built a reputation as one of the few carpet manufacturers that deliver on time and with very high quality in mind, without having to demand very high prices for their products. They are therefore a byword of peace of mind and affordability, something that most other firms can't claim.

The company has its headquarters in Irvine California. One of the major reasons why the company is so famous for producing high quality carpeting is the fact that they keep an eye on all the aspects of the manufacturing process. The fact that they use a vertical integration method of manufacturing contributes to this.

The company also manufactures ceramic and porcelain tiles in addition to their carpet collection.

Reasons to choose Royalty USA

The main reason why one should choose Royalty USA products is the fact that they produce very high quality goods. This in turn means that all their products look the part and end up lasting very long. In addition to that, they also have a very strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Popular products from Royalty USA

Angora and Angelica Berber are popular carpet types from Royalty USA.

The two premium products are available on Foundation Flooring, so you can buy them from here if you are interested. You can also have access to a wide variety of other products made by Royalty USA.

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