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A conversation about carpeting is never complete without the mention of Bliss Flooring. Ever since its inception, the company has become one of the most iconic names in flooring, mainly due to their focus on high quality.

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There are many things that Bliss Flooring is known for, and these include product specialization, community involvement and innovative features. When all these come together, a company will undoubtedly see very high levels of success as Bliss Flooring has in the past. This American icon takes pride in the fact that in the past, it has been able to serve thousands of people from all walks of life many of whom continue to praise the workmanship that the company has demonstrated.

Innovation has been one of the major pillars influencing the success of the company. Technologies such as Magic Fresh treatment to reduce carpet odor and Silver Release antimicrobial treatments have all been well received by many people in the industry.

The company works with more than 4,500 people in various capacities in order to deliver this quality.

One of the things that make Bliss Flooring stand out is their corporate social responsibility initiative. The company runs many different community service projects and programs in a bid to give back to the society, something that many other firms don't do.

Reasons to choose Bliss Flooring

There exist many reasons to buy your carpets from Bliss Flooring including:

Popular products from Bliss Flooring

Products marketed under the Bliss Flooring are designated according to their intended use. Some of the common carpet lines that are very popular include the Sweat Shop line meant for facilities such as gyms, and furry family for comfort and warmth in a family room setting.

To get access to all these products, don't hesitate to contact us at Foundation Flooring. We stock all Bliss Flooring products!

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